the responses on negative confessions are the most entertaining thing about this blog. Sometimes I make mean confessions just to see what kind of whiny white knights will jump on the defense. Speaking of which, did kleincrew put up her “famous” dolls for sale as a publicity stunt because I don’t see them going anywhere. Did she delete that post or..?


Don’t worry Anon, I was “hurr durr professional troll” for a while, and I grew out of it— maybe someday, if you try really hard, you’ll grow up too!



Reasons the “being trans isn’t a medical condition” narrative bugs me—

  • It implies that being trans is a choice.
  • It lumps gender, gender roles, and gender expression into one giant, swampy lump where anyone who isn’t a masculine man or a feminine woman falls somewhere on a…





the anti vaccination movement basically consists of random people with no knowledge of medicine going “I can medicine better than doctors” and it would be hilarious if it wasn’t literally killing people

you dont need vaccines, I havent had any and Im still doing great

wow, what a compelling argument. you’ve got me

in other news, i am still alive therefore death must be a myth